Having A Happy, Healthy Baby – Tips For A New Mom!

During your pregnancy, lots of attention is focused on how your bouncing bundle of joy will bring changes to your family’s life. The 40 weeks of pregnancy are full of adjustments, as well. Here, you will find a number of suggestions to assist you during your pregnancy.

TIP! Buy maternity clothing as needed. This will make you feel more relaxed during the process.

If your diet is less than nutritious, it’s time to make a change for yourself and your little one. If you had a habit of consuming a lot of fatty foods before becoming pregnant, you need to change your lifestyle quickly. Starting today, eat more vegetables, lean meats and fresh fruits.

Cat Litter

TIP! Always use sunscreen when pregnant. Also, you should never tan while pregnant.

If you are a cat owner, find a volunteer to take over changing the cat litter. Soiled cat litter contains chemicals that are dangerous for pregnant women. Have either your spouse or, if you’re single, a friend or family member change your cat litter for you.

Consider hiring a doula. Doulas are trained birth coaches. This person will provide support, give you advice, offer a massage during pregnancy and assist you throughout the entire delivery process. They are also able to help your partner provide the type of support you need.

TIP! Increase the amount of food that you eat for your baby while pregnant. All the nutrients your baby needs come from you, so you have to make sure to eat enough for the both of you.

During your pregnancy, ask others to help you lift things, instead of trying to do it yourself. Lifting a heavy item can cause you to have a miscarriage, so asking for help could literally mean the difference between life and death! Instead, ask for help when lifting anything remotely heavy.

Don’t neglect your partner during your pregnancy. Your spouse with be just as anxious and excited about the baby, so be sure to include them in them in the planning. Do things together, like going for a walk or taking in a movie. Enjoy your time together before you have your new baby.

TIP! During pregnancy, you should try to stay away from Vitamin A. Excess vitamin A is very dangerous for your developing embryo.

During pregnancy, you need to be certain your diet includes enough protein. This nutrient is essential to you and your baby. Nuts, seeds, eggs, beans, and meat such as chicken and hamburger are all high in protein.

If you are pregnant, try to eat bland foods like crackers throughout the day. Nausea and vomiting will be kept at bay if you keep your stomach full of these foods. It’s also important to avoid acidic or greasy foods that could give you heartburn or worsen your nausea.

TIP! Visit your birthing facility or hospital. Take a tour and meet the staff members.

Setting up the baby’s room is a big deal for most parents. However, remember that exposure to paint fumes while pregnant is potentially harmful to a developing baby. Be sure that room is well-ventilated and that the windows are wide open. Ask your loved ones to pitch in so that you don’t have to be in the room when the painting is taking place.

Make sure to take pictures of yourself to share with your unborn child later on down the road. Children love looking at pictures of pregnant mommy! You can take a series of photos with captions that tell a story.

TIP! Be careful when you travel if you are pregnant. You want to be near a medical facility.

If you have a friend who has just given birth, pick her mind, and find out some of the tips and tricks that she used during her pregnancy. This can help you to become more comfortable in each stage of the process.

When everyone around you wants you to eat when pregnant, find a way to say no. Though you should increase your calorie intake when pregnant, you should not be eating all the time. Saying thanks but no thanks is perfectly acceptable, so don’t hesitate to do it.

TIP! Women who are pregnant should wear sports bras. The added support will fight against aches and pains.

Remember to dedicate time to care for yourself. After you deliver your baby, your life is going to be far more complex than now, and you won’t have as much time to pamper yourself. Dedicate a few hours to spending time with your friends, working on a hobby or passion or just getting a manicure. This will not only improve your life, but the baby’s as well.

At about six months, you should massage your expanding belly with cocoa butter. Place some pillows together behind your back while sitting on a bed or couch. Use oil as opposed to lotion while massaging your belly lightly. Be mindful of your breathing, and listen to music that relaxes you. This can soothe both you and the baby.

TIP! During your pregnancy, if there is a lot of vaginal discharge, you must inform your doctor. You may have a vaginal infection, which is common in this state, however, if left untreated, it could seriously harm the baby and you.

You might have many questions and need to change many things as you get ready to welcome your newborn. What you’ve learned here can give you knowledge about what to expect and how to cope well with your pregnancy.

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