Finding Out About Your Maternity Leave Rights

No matter if this is your very first pregnancy or your third, you’ll find tips here to help you. No two women have the exact same experience. Become prepared with the following advice.

Bedtime Routine

Build up a bedtime routine to help improve your sleep while pregnant. If you can follow a consistent bedtime routine, then your body will learn that bedtime is near. This should ease the process of falling asleep. Try shoulder massages, warm showers, or reading short stories before bed.

TIP! Eat a healthy diet. If you ate a lot of fast food, you will have to make big adjustments.

See your dentist if you are pregnant and care for your teeth. Pregnancy is actually known to cause many dental problems, including gingivitis. Brush your teeth morning and night, and be sure to floss daily. See your dentist whenever problems arise.

Exercise regularly while you are pregnant. This will decrease your chances of suffering a miscarriage, reduce the amount of time you are in labor, and it will make it easier to go back to your regular size, after you give birth.

TIP! Your obstetrician will likely recommend a prenatal vitamin at your first visit. Make sure you take these every single day.

Consider hiring a doula. Doulas are individuals trained to coach women through the birthing process. They can provide you with lots of support, ideas and strength during the labor of delivering your baby. They are also able to help your partner provide the type of support you need.

Sleeping on the left side of your body is a good idea in your third trimester. Sleeping on the left side allows the fetus to get the blood supply needed, and allows blood to flow to your uterus and kidneys with ease. Do not sleep your your back, as it’s not a good way to get blood flowing.

TIP! To relieve an upset stomach when pregnant, try eating several smaller meals. Always having food in your stomach can ease stomach problems.

Leg cramping happens a lot later in a pregnancy. Stretching before bed can lessen the frequency and severity of the cramps. You may also find that drinking some water and taking in potassium can help, so eat fruits like bananas as well.

When pregnant, don’t travel anywhere that is far from a medical center. It is important that you are near a doctor during all stages of your pregnancy, just in case any complications were to arise. Make sure you also have a phone on your person every time you travel.

Cat Litter

While you’re pregnant, avoid being near cat litter. The reason is toxoplasmosis which is a parasitic disease that can result in health problems for unborn babies. Don’t take any chances with your baby. Stay away from the cat litter.

TIP! Visit the hospital where you will be giving birth. Take a look around the hospital and meet the people that work there.

During your pregnancy, continue to exercise, unless your doctor advises you against it. Walking, swimming and other low-impact activities are excellent ways to keep your heart healthy and your core muscles strong, which can help to alleviate back pain and may make labor and delivery easier for you.

Stay away from alcohol. Like most other items a pregnant woman eats or drinks, the fetus receives some of the alcohol an expectant mother consumes. This is why it is recommended that women wishing to become pregnant or those that already are pregnant refrain from drinking any type of alcohol. Consuming alcohol while pregnant can lead to both physical and mental birth defects and can raise the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

TIP! If you’re pregnant, you should never be shy to ask for assistance in lifting heavy things. Heavy lifting is especially hard on your pregnant body, and if you strain too much you can hurt your baby or even cause early labor.

If you are pregnant for the first time, think about signing up for a childbirth class. They provide all you need to know about childbirth. A class will offer hospital tours and an explanation of what to expect during labor and delivery.

Take a good stretch every night before going to bed to loosen up your muscles. Getting a cramp in your leg is common in pregnant women due to the strain of extra weight on your legs. By stretching your muscles, you will help them relax which will result in less cramps throughout the night. This will help you to sleep soundly all night long!

TIP! If you think there is a chance that you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test or go to your doctor right away. Waiting too long to confirm a pregnancy can cause complications and stop you from getting all the necessary care.

Staying hydrated is always important, but is it is doubly important to get your eight glasses while you are pregnant. This can curtail your cravings to overeat during the day. If you are feeling hungry almost all the time, it is possible that you are actually just dehydrated. If you are hungry right after a meal, then drink some water rather than snacking and see if that helps.

As stated above, there are many ways to handle all aspects of pregnancy. Though you might not be plagued with complications, you may not be so lucky next time around. You should enjoy being pregnant, so learn all that you can about it to make that possible.

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